Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chutes and Ladders

 Do you remember Chutes and Ladders?
 I loved it when I was a kid! 
Well....I loved the ladders, but the chutes....not so much! 
Anyways, one day while browsing   
I came across Snakes and Ladders. 

My kids LOVE this game!! 
If we have a few extra minutes at the end of the day,
I pull it up on the SmartBoard, and VOILA,
the kids are excited and talking about numbers--
and where the frog is going to end up --everyone is happy!

We are currently studying addition and counting on,
so I decided to take the concept of Chutes and Ladders,
and turn it into "Race to 100"

I had my kids play with their table groups (3-4 kids).
Each child needs a 100s chart and a game piece.
The group shares one die.

Each child starts with their game piece on 1.
The first player rolls the die and moves their game piece
that many spaces on their board.
All players watch their friends to make sure they are not cheating
 moving the correct number of spaces. 
The goal is the be the first one at your table to reach 100,
or be closest to 100 when time is up.

You could also add a few of your own rules
to make the game more interesting, such as:
~You get an extra turn when you roll a 6.
~If the die rolls off the table, move back to 1.
(I added this rule after some dice went flying across the room!)

You could also make it a little more difficult by using 2 dice,
so the kids would have to add the two numbers
before moving their game piece.

On your mark,
get set,

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  1. You are SO creative! It must be such fun to be in your class.

    I use Chutes and Ladders every semester in my small group counseling. We talk about choices, what the kids who have to slide down did and what they consequence was as well as what the kids did who get to climb up - it's SUCH a great life metaphor!