Saturday, September 29, 2012


Okay, well maybe not ever, but it was a GREAT week!!

If I'm really honest, it was LAST week, but who cares!

Thursday was my birthday, and I turned the big "39". 
I got so many birthday wishes and hugs
(and a cake made by Jen)!

That night, some friends and I attended a fundraiser
at a lovely little place called "Painting With A Twist".

My cake makin' bud, Jen.

Do I look like an arteest?

The final projects.

The very next day at our morning assembly,
I was named the "Super Star Spud" of the week.
Here is what my principal said,

"Congratulations to Ms. F for receiving the Spud Award this week.  Thank you for your involvement in many extra duties on the campus.  You are appreciated for the hours you put in to make our school better." 
The award is given to a different staff member every week
who exhibits the following qualities:

-      Puts needs of others before own needs.
-      Exhibits positive attitude
-      Embraces change and learning
-      Achieved great results with student/students
-      Listens to colleagues
-      Exhibits willingness to work as a team player
-      Seeks out solutions instead of being bogged down by problems (Proactive vs. Reactive)

Here I am, holding my spud!

Why, thank you!
I would like to pass on this Super Star Spud Award to all of YOU! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Alive and well!

Happy Friday everyone! 

I am so glad that all of you dedicated bloggers
continue to post when I have trouble keeping up. 
Thank you for all your wonderful ideas!!

What have I been up to? 
School, school, school,
with a dash of Facebook,
and a sprinkling of Pinterest for some extra flavor.

Here are some "before" photos of my new classroom.

Let me be honest when I say my desk does NOT
look much better than it did when I took the picture!

Here are some "afters":
Wait....apparently I never took any!!

I saw this cute idea *somewhere* (Pinterest?  blog??),
and I would LOVE to give credit,
but I cannot figure out where I found it! 
I took pictures of my kiddos posing like they were
being lifted off the ground by a bunch of ballons.

After printing them out, I cut out their bodies,
and attached them to die cut balloons. 
They are actually ovals, but close enough, right?

On the balloons, I wrote down 3-4 goals
the students have for the year. 
(They came up with their goals with their parents.) 

The finals results look like this:

So long....farewell....until next time!