Saturday, September 3, 2011

Attention Grabbers

I worked 8 hours today...on a Saturday....which is shorter than the 10-12 hours I work daily Monday through Friday!  All those people who think teachers just work 8-4 don't have a clue

Anyways, while I was working, I found these "Attention Grabbers" and wanted to share them with anyone looking for a fun way to grab students' attention.  I would give credit to where I originally found this, but I have no idea (as usual)!

Here are some example of the attention grabbers:
TEACHER:  Hocus Pocus
          STUDENTS:  Everybody focus!

TEACHER:  Macaroni and cheese
          STUDENTS:  Everybody freeze!

TEACHER:  Ready to rock?
          STUDENTS:  Ready to roll!

Click here to get a copy:
Attention Grabbers

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


  1. LOVE these!!! Thanks. Another one that our teachers use is Teacher: Ring, Ring - Students: Hello!

    Happy Labor Day back atcha! Barbara

  2. Those are hilarious! I love them ~ thanks.

    Grade ONEderful

  3. Love these!! In my classroom, I say "Spaghetti AND..." and the children say "Meatballs!" Works everytime! Can't wait to try some of these new ones! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I'll have to add these ideas to my list!

  5. Thanks for sharing these cute ideas!

  6. These are so much fun! Thanks for sharing. I am definitely going to start teaching my class this week. ~ Amanda @ The Teaching Thief