Friday, July 1, 2011

The Book Whisperer Chapter 2

"Everbody is a Reader"

The title of this chapter says it all!  Everybody is a reader, but we usually throw a label on our students telling what kind of a reader they are.  And to be honest...the labels can be kind of negative, so I love the labels that Miller uses:  Developing Readers (these are the ones who struggle), Dormant Readers (ones who CAN read when they HAVE to , but don't read on their own), and Underground Readers (these are the kids that come to us as avid readers). 

Page 23 had a lot of good things that I needed to hear:

"Choosing not to read is never discussed.  It is simply not an option."  LOVE IT!

"I must believe that my students are readers--so that they can believe it."  YEP!

"Providing students with the opportunity to choose their own books to read empowers and encourages them.  It strengthens their self confidence, rewards their interests, and promotes a positive attitude toward reading by valuing the reader and giving him or her a level of control.  Readers without power to make their own choices are unmotivated."  SO TRUE!

On page 37, Miller ends the chapter with, "Students must believe that they can read and that reading is worth learning how to do well.  We have to build a community that embraces every students and provides acceptance and encouragement no matter where students are on the reading curve."



  1. I love all the quotes you posted from the book! I agree with them all as well! I love the idea of self selection. I really like the whole interest survey idea too. I teach first grade, so I will be doing it more interview style- as I will have no idea what they wrote the first week of 1st grade, most likely! I see you taught 4th grade first....I taught 3rd grade for a year and then went to my passion, FIRST! I love every minute of it. If you get a moment, stop by my blog- maybe become a follower- I dont have many as I just started blogging recently. It is always nice to swap ideas, I am always making my own things and now can post them and share!

    Fantastic First Grade

  2. Thanks for your comment, Sarah. I am new at this blogging thing, but am loving all the blogs I have found so far. I hope to share (and steal) ideas that others can use. I checked out your blog, and am officially following you now!