Monday, July 18, 2011

Make a Difference Monday

It's Make a Difference Monday!
What have you been up to? 
How have you made a difference lately?
Has someone done something that brightened your day?
Tell me about it!


  1. Hi Tina! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have been tutoring some of my students this summer. One of my groups includes a set of quadruplets I had in kindergarten. They are the coolest kids! When they come to learn with me they always have lots of stories to tell. Sometimes, it is about tball, the new unicorns they got or how excited they are to play in the pool at their Nana's house. But, the other day one of them said, "Miss Bowers, we love playing games with you!" It sure made my day! It's the litle things.. it really is!

  2. It IS the little things that can make a BIG difference!!

    We have a new principal and VP at our campus, so there is a lot of uncertainty about what the school year will bring.

    I called the new principal yesterday and she was sharing some of her thoughts and asking me for my input on a few things for the upcoming school year. I actually felt like she valued and respected my opinions.....which is a big change from the old administration!

    She really made my day! Thank you, Paige!