Thursday, July 7, 2011

Target Treasures

I saw all the cute things that my fellow bloggers have found at Target, so I had to check it out for myself.  That was my first mistake.  My second mistake was going to Target without my son.  I was there for at least 2 hours, and he would not have lasted that long!! 

Not everything was from the $1 section, but here are just some of the things I found:


Here's a better view of the shapes you get.

Money, People/Jobs, and Traffic Signs Cards
Post It notes-- We do a lot of plus/delta charts and consensograms.
Noetpads for "Write Around the Room",  spelling (?), and who knows what else!
Back to School books
Fancy Nancy books
Nat Geo books
100 Days Chart
Counting to 100 Days tree

Now I'm off to find a job to support my teaching habit!


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  1. I did not know Target had all of those Fancy Nancy books! I must check them out. -LOL- I need a job to support my teaching habit too!